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Statistical Fact: Camp Unity decreased the juvenile crime rate from 50 to 1 during its tenure. Source: Town of Warsaw Police Reports.

camp unity - next generation



R.A.P. it Up!

This series fosters an environment for participants to openly discuss current issues. This is their no-judgement zone. Click the "Register Now" to inquire/register for the Choosing The Best Life Sexual Abstinence Course (13-19 year olds) was offered August 3-6, 2020. 



L.e.v.e.l. U.p.!

This series focuses on after school enrichment, tutoring, and vocational training. It provides the academic foundation. Enroll your K-12 student in Study Island. Scroll up or click on the "Register Now" button below to enroll!


Ball Out!

This series teaches participants the fundamentals of healthy eating, recreation & exercise; and fosters a means to provide community outreach via charitable meals and snacks.


F.R.E.E.(Diversity & Inclusion)

This series helps to foster the building of relationships among diverse groups: to include anti-bullying and non-violence campaigns.


Be Your Own Boss! 

In this series, participants dive in deeper into the pursuit of their educational goals. They learn more about themselves and how that plays a part in choosing their career paths. In this module, students use virtual play and learn the importance of effective communication with hands on interactions.


Who Am I?

This series helps to improve access to arts and cultural experiences. Participants learn about cultural sensitivity, various languages, and historical concepts.


Kid Consignments

This series focuses on becoming "kidpreneurs", saving money, budgeting, financial responsibility, and an introduction to credit.

The Camp Unity Series provides a holistic approach to foster the building of relationships through various projects containing elements relative to the following: after school enrichment, tutoring, vocational training, diversity, inclusion, mentoring, counseling, improving access to recreation, arts, and cultural experiences for youth and their families. Camp Unity involves supportive sessions for parents and grandparents or other adults assuming parental roles. With the spirit of the original Camp Unity, Next Generation will introduce "Free". Free is the character that participants will assume the role of through each module - in both written and online gameplay. The curriculum was written and designed by Chiquitta W. Lesene, CEO - and tailored by real-life current events as they affect today's youth. This new and innovative concept is sure to grasp their attention and make them not want to put their books down!  Get ready for Camp Unity- Next Generation!!

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