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"The Buzz"

An innovative tool utilizing barber and beauty institutions to mitigate and communicate useful information to historically marginalized (chronically poor), BIPOC (black, indigenous, people of color), and rural (hard to reach) communities. 

Our community barber and beauty institutions are a trusted space to discuss personal and public issues, ranging from family to politics, health, money, and other life issues.

"The Buzz", inspired by our agency's own

GoodDaddies Fatherhood Initiative, is an effort to increase awareness around increasing families' access to support through local barbershops and beauty institutions across the country.


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what is the buzz all about?

Throughout the year, Shackle Free and barbershops across the state participate in The Fatherhood Buzz; an initiative to support barbershops in connecting dads with local resources to help build strong families. Local barbershops & beauty institutions provide resources and facilitate conversations around specific Buzz event topics, with information and support from reputable sources nationwide.

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