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ATTENTION Duke CHA: Barber & Beauty Edition Prospects:

Thank you for participating in the inaugural Barber & Beauty Edition of the Duke Community Health Ambassador Training. A very special thank you goes out to the Barber/Beauty Colleges that participated - please know that your instructors have exposed you to a valuable service for yourself, your families, and the community - as a whole.

Due to staff shortages and sickness, the Duke Cancer Institute is experiencing a delay in the processing of the certifications for the Community Health Ambassador Training Program you participated in on January 10, 2022.

To ensure that you have not missed any steps, please keep an eye on all past emails from January 10th and all future emails from Lasonia Barnett or Kearston Ingraham. These emails often go to spam so a search for these names may be necessary in order to find any emails that were sent to you.

Those of you that attended the session on the day of, and did not preregister, may experience an additional delay if:

  1. You did not take your pre-test.

  2. You did not take your post-test.

Please stay tuned to your email, the certificates normally take about 7 to 10 days for processing; however, the above steps must be completed before certificates are released. This avoids the possibility of individuals receiving certificates without attending the course and without participating in the assessments (pre/post) that are also required for Duke CHA Certifications.

If you have already completed your steps OR if you have additional questions or concerns, please send them directly to:

LaSonia Melvin Barnett, MA (she/her/hers) (why pronouns matter)

Senior Program Coordinator/Certified Patient Navigator

Duke Cancer Institute Community Outreach, Engagement and Equity Office

2424 Erwin Road, Office 6024

Durham, NC 27705

Office: (919) 684-4056

Pronouns: She, Her, Hers (Want to learn more?)

Thank you in advance for your participation in helping everyone to have the opportunity to


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