We're Live!


Day One!

Well...what can I say about Day One? Today is Shackle Free's social media birthday! We have been hashtagging #shacklefree for a while now, but today we went live and it feels so good to be "unshackled" and finally "free" to serve the community "freely"! A wise man once said, "if I make a mistake, I will make it going 100 miles per hour!" Well, Shackle Free is going full speed ahead with this thing and either you are going to jump on this train or get left behind! We are in the business of helping people, if you are not in that business - sorry, we can't be shackled by negative thoughts or behaviors; there are too many lives being lost because of that. Welcome to the Shackle Free Experience!! Feel free to check out our website and our blogs. Become a member! It is absolutely free. Create a profile and interact in our little online community!! We are going to learn how to live "holistically" - connect our mind, body, and spirit - that is what being FREE is all about!!

#peace #harmony #love #life #freedom

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